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Wealth Structuring, Fiduciary Services and Family Office Administration are the three pillars supporting the core of what we offer our clients with regard to wealth protection, transition and governance.

Wealth Protection

In order to help you protect your legacy, we are a knowledgeable source of expertise for you and your family, keeping abreast of international developments and thinking ahead to assess how these may affect your personal circumstances, both now and in the future. By closely collaborating with you, we are able proactively to create tailored and holistic “defence” strategies to mitigate any risks to which your assets might be subjected, be it business risks, domestic and foreign court rulings, political upheaval, expropriation or otherwise.

Wealth Transition

Where responsible wealth owners often strive to ensure that the next generations may benefit from their legacy without undue strain on family relations, we are called upon as trusted guides to assist in navigating the sometimes uncomfortable or overlooked issues of succession and transition. What might start by simply planning for the orderly distribution of wealth to beneficiaries may evolve into a system in which younger generations are empowered to shoulder the responsibilities that consequent wealth brings.

Wealth Governance

The preservation and growth of family wealth requires that stakeholders share a common understanding of their respective rights and responsibilities and of the decision-making process in order to foster trust and engagement at every level. Professional family governance practises help curtail the likelihood of your family experiencing the kind of devastating disruption and damage that personal feuds amongst family members can have on the family wealth and cohesion. Well-drafted family constitutions will engage all stakeholders and become the bedrock of the family’s harmonious wealth management policies in line with the family’s philosophy and long-term goals.

What our clients come to us for

Wealth preservation

Preserving wealth by structuring it in such a way that loved ones or a favourite charity will receive the most of what the wealth owner is able to leave behind for their benefit.

Smooth succession

Ensuring that heirs have timely access to assets and avoiding potential costs and delays associated with unstructured wealth distribution.

Planning for continuity

Providing the comforting knowledge that a trusted advisor, guided by the client’s wishes, is ready to act in the client’s and beneficiaries’ best interests, come what may.

Asset protection

Contingency planning and robust asset structuring to safeguard your wealth from undue claims.


Structuring assets with a view to creating a lasting legacy of businesses and philanthropic traditions that withstands the test of time.

Asset consolidation

Consolidating family assets into a wealth structure to achieve improved oversight and control of the family wealth.


Advising families and entrepreneurs on the long-term benefits of implementing proper governance mechanisms.

Reasoned planning

Planning and organising your affairs in an optimal way whilst keeping tax burdens to a minimum.


Keeping your personal affairs in the highest possible level of confidence in an increasingly transparent environment.

Regulatory compliance

Maintaining ongoing compliance for Wealth Structures in a world of complex and ever-evolving regulatory standards and obligations.

Entrepreneurial spirit

Setting up business structures in various jurisdictions to help businesses grow and to facilitate cross-border trading.

Special circumstances

Going the extra mile to cater for special needs and unique personal circumstances.

Our Services in Detail

Wealth structuring


The purpose of wealth structuring is to understand the dynamics of wealth over time, how it can be preserved, protected, changed and governed. We understand that each individual’s situation is unique and that a good solution can only be found if we understand your needs.

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Fiduciary Services


With a wealth of experience and expertise, we believe we can assist you in the design, creation and management of an efficient fiduciary structure, choosing from trusts, foundations, institutions and companies domiciled in appropriate jurisdictions.

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Family Office Administration


We are here to help you understand the complex web of responsibilities that wealth brings, and to help manage those responsibilities for you.

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