Fiduciary Services

To honour our clients’ trust in us, we exercise the fiduciary powers given to us in an independent, informed and fair manner.

More than an asset-holding structure, a proper Wealth Structure (be it a trust, a foundation, or another type of corporate entity) will be flexible and robust enough to evolve and adjust to changing circumstances, both within your family and the wider world.

Well-managed Wealth Structures in which family members have the opportunity to contribute (e.g. in family committees or as protector for example) provide for powerful mechanisms to achieve the right balance between decentralised ownership of assets and meaningful engagement with the family wealth.

As trusted advisors, we will foster a close collaborative relationship with you and your family so as to better anticipate and adapt to your changing needs.

Fiduciary Services include:
  • being a long-term partner in the management of your wealth;
  • setting up and managing Wealth Structures in conjunction with you and your family;
  • acting as trustee of trusts, foundation council members or directors of establishments and other companies safeguarding a variety of assets;
  • acting as nominee shareholder of companies;
  • preparing annual financial statements;
  • VAT returns and payroll services; and
  • providing local office space.
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