Family Office Administration

For us, Family Office Administration means assisting families with the management of both their private and business affairs with a view to nurturing and fostering the relationships that support the family wealth.

As families and their businesses grow and evolve, the risk of diverging expectations regarding the family wealth increases and relationships might consequently become increasingly challenging to manage on a personal level. Large families and businesses also may find it a challenge to achieve a consolidated overview of their international affairs if planning is allowed to happen haphazardly.

At your side as a trusted partner, we will look after your affairs taking an equitable and organised approach to matters concerning your wealth and family, thus helping to preserve its identity, unity, integrity and prosperity.

Family Office Administration includes:
  • assisting families in reviewing the overall robustness and relevance of their Wealth Structures;
  • creating order and accountability for our clients in an increasingly complex and regulated world;
  • implementing and guiding your family governance framework on an ongoing basis and improving governance within family businesses and wealth-holding structures;
  • assisting you in managing a variety of projects and safeguarding your interests vis-à-vis stakeholders and business partners;
  • liaising with families’ asset managers;
  • consolidating and servicing families’ needs; and
  • guiding and empowering younger generations to take responsible ownership of family wealth.
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