Wealth Structuring

Wealth Structuring is a multi-jurisdictional discipline that requires the careful consideration of various factors, such as family circumstances and geographic dispersion, as well as the type and location of your assets.

A Wealth Structure (be it a trust, a foundation, or another type of corporate entity) helps consolidate and preserve family wealth, thereby helping to create your legacy and providing for an orderly transition of wealth to your heirs, chosen charities or any other beneficiary of your choice.

We believe that Wealth Structures should be implemented with robust checks and balances and in a manner that promotes harmony within the family by establishing guidelines and setting clear responsibilities to preempt disputes.

In order to gain each other’s trust and understand your current circumstances, we will spend as much time with you as necessary and may work with your current advisors in order to put in place a Wealth Structure that is best suited to your needs.

Wealth Structuring includes:
  • understanding your needs and current situation;
  • planning a smooth succession, including the set-up of Wealth Structures to protect, preserve and distribute assets;
  • assisting business start-ups, planning for substance, operations and positioning in the international tax environment;
  • assisting with the structuring of prospective investments;
  • assessing the implications of changes in residence of family members;
  • tailoring a wealth governance policy for your family; and
  • assessing regulatory obligations and implementing ongoing regulatory compliance.
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